Searching for SSTs

More interesting information at justdata, my other blog, where I hash over raw GHCN data.
Best bet:  This ends in 2007, but looks promising.  Extracts Lat, Long, AirTemp, SST.  Update- this only works on the old records.  Haven’t deciphered the newer ones, yet.

print substr($0,13,5)"|"substr($0,18,6)"|"substr($0,46+25,4)"|"substr($0,46+40,4)

Seems to have raw temperatures, but only found one year, so far.  No indication what year that is This may be promising HadlSST1, I’ll have to download & unpack to see if they’re useable.  Methods paper for HadlSST1.  Look for weather logs, instead? ARGO data here.  Yaargh, dis may be da motherlode.

Interesting sites:


climategate theclimateconspiracy heliogenic 100 reasons Storm Data Dogs&Data GreenHouseEffect Blackboard Coverage map for GISS temperature stations. GreenWorld

TOBS adjustment TOBS documentation? WhatThe…

potentially useful software DIY maps


3 Responses to “Searching for SSTs”

  1. Smokey Says:

    You didn’t put the winner of last year’s “Best Science” site on your list??

    And to add insult to injury, you listed the Soros/Fenton funded realclimate – which got one-tenth the votes of WUWT? Hey, WUWT?

  2. David Socrates Says:

    Gene, I have just caught uo with your reply to my blog comment on the Watts Up With That blog at:
    I have in turn replied to you there with a link to my temperature analysis which you can find directly at:
    I would be very interested to correspond with you by email. The reason will be fairly obvious from my reply comment to you on the wattsupwiththat site.

    Looking forward to making contact.


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